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Maui Surf Lessons

Tens of thousands of surfers will tell you that they learned to surf on Maui because the conditions are ideal. Some of the factors include size of surf, shape and speed of waves, warm water, easy access, and experienced instructors with great equipment. Now, that doesn’t mean that every Maui surf spot is good to learn at. On the contrary, there are a select few that make for the most ideal environments to learn.

Maui Stand Up Lessons

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Stand up paddle boarding is a ton of fun and offers you views of the reefs and marine life that you can’t get without snorkeling. On a clear day, you can see all the fish down to the ocean floor. Personal lessons and all the gear you need are provided by expert instructors at Hawaiian Paddle Sports.

Maui Surf Lessons

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The south and west side are usually the best areas of Maui to learn how to surf due to the smaller, gentler waves that lap the shores. Island blocking and infrequent south swells usually keep swell smaller on these sides of the island offering forgiving surf experiences. Hawaiian Paddle Sports will take you on a private lesson away from the crowds.

Why use a surf instructor?

Most surf spots around Maui are dangerous due to sharp, shallow reefs, strong currents, sea life and advanced crowds. With instructors, you can steer clear of these dangers. Surf instructors will take you to spots that are safer to paddle out at, and they give the equipment needed to keep you from hurting yourself or others (padded boards, booties for the reef, etc…) With their expert instruction, you’ll understand how to fall and how to avoid other challenges. Learning on your own is ill advised and can be dangerous or potentially fatal.

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Maui, and all of the Hawaiian Islands, can have extremely hostile ocean elements. We advise caution when entering the water or being near it. Think with your head and consider safety as your first priority. and Hawaii Web Group LLC are not responsible for any damage that may come to its readers or their property. Please be careful and consult with professionals before trying any activities in or around the ocean.

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