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The island of Maui is a great place to surf because of our exposure to swell from many directions, including storms generated thousands of miles away. With very little to block surf swells from the north, we get some pretty consistent winter surfing here on Maui. During our summer season, large surf is less common due to island blocking and less frequent south swells


For those that like to Longboard or stand up surf, you can surf in Maui pretty much anytime year-round. If you love windsurfing or kitesurfing, Maui is just about the best place in the world for your sport. If you shortboard, you may find Maui a little less pleasing than Kaua’i or O’ahu, but you’ll still get some fun waves depending on the time of year and spot.


Learning to surf on Maui is something that tens of thousands have done and recommend due to our slow and forgiving longboarding surf spots. Hawaiian Paddle Sports offers private surf lessons that will get you away from the crowds. Learning to surf is always best when done with close supervision from an expert.

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Maui, and all of the Hawaiian Islands, can have extremely hostile ocean elements. We advise caution when entering the water or being near it. Think with your head and consider safety as your first priority. MauiSurfing.com and Hawaii Web Group LLC are not responsible for any damage that may come to its readers or their property. Please be careful and consult with professionals before trying any activities in or around the ocean.

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