Maui Surfing / Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Surfing

Stand Up Surfing, which originated in the Pacific islands, has become the retro sport that came and didn’t leave. It came with celebration due to the resurgence of an important cultural element of the sport and opportunity to explore the roots of surfing, and it has since been transformed into something unique to itself. When once it was used to surf waves so small you couldn’t ride them on any other board, Stand Up Paddle surfing has seen guys surfing massive waves like Peahi (Jaws) and even chucking mean airs. There are interisland races going on each year, many use them to get exercise while exploring the reef from above, and some people even use them as a a base for spearfishing and diving.


On the other hand, there is an ugly side to stand up. Inexperienced surfers regularly paddle out to heavier spots than they can handle and end up injuring themselves and others. Some more experienced stand up surfers also tend to hog waves outside of the line up. By no means are we saying this applies to all stand up surfers. On the contrary, it’s only a very few of experienced surfers that do this, but it only takes a few to ruin a surf session for many. Please be considerate and share waves when using your advantage of stand up.