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Obama's Maui Surf Trip

Residents and visitors were excited to welcome President Barack Obama back to Hawaii last weekend. Taking a break from his normal round of afternoon golf and shave ice, Obama paddled out for an epic surf session at an undisclosed Maui surf spot.

Secret service officials, outfitted in custom black tie wetsuit vests, waterproof bluetooth headsets and official White House sunglasses, were by Obama’s side to block other surfers from riding waves alongside him, giving him the freedom to rip like he’d never ripped before.

These photos are real!

…but the face of the surfer isn’t (sorry to burst your patriotic bubble.) The actual surfer in these shots is our good friend Jimmy Rotherham of El Salvador. Thank you for being a good sport, Jimmy, and thank you to these talented photographers:


Steve Fitzpatrick, Rudy Ortiz, Maurice Marcel Targa, Joaquin Aragon and Tony Roberts.

Photoshop and story by Hawaii Web Group.

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